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The Version One App Accelerator is a selective incubator for people who have an app idea, with a focus on non-technical founders (they can’t code) and want to plot their escape of their corporate 9-5.

Who is this for?

Idea-stage founders. You may work a full-time gig. But, you’re a serious side-hustler who has an idea to start a digital product (emphasis on serious) or entrepreneurs who have a head-start but just don’t have the digital product yet.

We are endorsed by other accelerators. We know what makes a good accelerator because we were in one ourselves.

Expert DOJO are so pleased to make this $50,000 investment into what we see as a massive innovation in app development. It has cost too much for far too long for companies to build a mobile presence online, and V One will change this for good. Welcome to the dawn of a new era of app development. It’s the V One era.

What you'll get

1. Designs for your app

2. A mobile app that you will launch in the iOS and Android store

3. An entire curriculum dedicated to helping you build revenue and launch your beta platform

4. Meetings and sessions with mentors

5. Access to investors to pitch for possible investment

6. One FREE ticket to the Annual Version One Conference in LA

V1 Conference

At the end of the program you get a free ticket to our Version One Conference


Other Details



Early entry signup


Late Entry signup

For managed hosting of your app on iOS, Android, & Web


We don’t take equity. And we develop your product end to end. These keeps everything aligned, as we’re ensuring not only that your idea is worth you pursuing, but that we recommend the right path for you and your idea.

Startup Coil MVP is now Version One.

We are thrilled to announce that Startup Coil MVP is now a part of Version One. The App Accelerator is particularly exciting, as it will put founders on a fast-track to validation and customer development. Hundreds of entrepreneurs have shared their most pressing needs, and we’ve wanted to provide them with a solution like this for years; it’s finally a reality.

How are we different?
You don’t need to be technical – we build your product AND help you launch it. Most accelerators will charge you for the advice and network – we walk the walk by actually launching a product by the time you’re done. We don’t take equity and we make any intros we can to people in our network to help as well.
We are not looking for tire-kickers – people just looking to play around. We are looking for serious people who will put some skin in the game and really want to build a side-hustle or company, venture-backed or not.


Some dates subject to change

  • Applications are on a rolling basis
  • Interviews held if application accepted
  • Applications do open and close and or TBD

applications open